Selena Gomez’s Mom DISSES Shawn Mendes & Charlie Puth In Instagram Rant

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Selena Gomez’s mom Mandy Teefey (teefee) is sick of hearing the same music on the radio over and over again, and decided to tell her Instagram followers all about it.

Mandy posted a picture on Instagram of her unread emails and then went IN on artists like Shawn Mendes and Charlie Puth. She got so mad that she literally said she’d rather drive her car into a wall then listen to their songs on the radio again. I know – crazy, right?

She said QUOTE “On another note, can someone PLEASE discover the next pop boy band or a little boy who sings about crap he has no clue about I can’t with the current ones on repetitive rotation. Niall you are safe, Harry you are safe…you others eliminated. But, they are older so, maybe they don’t count. I will drive my car into a wall if I hear Charlie Puth or Shawn Mendes one more time. We don’t need to hear them every other song. Yes, I’m really mad about this lol.”

Um, did she forget one of those Charlie Puth songs that used to always play on the radio was We Don’t Talk Anymore, which featured her daughter Selena?

As you could probably expect, fans were shocked, confused and ANGRY at Mandy’s rant. They started to bring Selena into the argument, with hopes of her speaking out and explaining what the heck was going on. While Selena has not yet said anything about her mom’s rant, Mandy replied to a fan in the comments section to confirm that her daughter does not share the same opinion.

She explained QUOTE “My image is my image. Not hers. It is disgusting people are dragging Selena into this and disgusting what is being said because I want other artists rotated. All artists work hard. ALL. They are the ones that radio is driving me crazy with, it was others in the past old and young. I’m truly not sure what the big deal is. But, to each its own.”

But the damage had already been done, and fans’ anger did not go away. Mandy must’ve eventually realized she caused some SERIOUS drama, because she deleted her original post and then uploaded a meme with an explanation.

She wrote QUOTE “For the love of God! Calm Down. I made a factual comment about a inanimate object ‘Radio.’ If anything, that post acknowledged their success. Everyone has had that thought at one point. These are a few that are currently on overkill. Not their fault. I want all the other artist who works just as hard to get a chance. Everyone, I’m fine, friends, family and people who literally told me to die. It’s down. It was taken WAY of context. I just got out of the car and literally every station I turned to was them. Ever need a breather yourself?”

Mandy has since deleted her entire Instagram account, so we’re guessing people didn’t take her explanation very well. On one hand, Mandy has the right to express her opinion on her own Instagram page. On the other, her words were super harsh and came totally out of the blue, especially for Shawn and Charlie fans. Do you think Mandy was out of line, or do you commend her for speaking her mind? Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Zoe Lillian and I’ll see you next time.

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