The Internet CONVINCED This Stranger Things Character Is Zac Efron’s Lookalike

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The internet is certain that Zefron’s doppelganger is in season 2 of Stranger Things.

Man, between all the jelena reunion memes and all our Halloween partying we almost missed discovering Zac Efron’s doppelganger! According to the internet- where as we know, everything is always true- Zac Efron’s lookalike can be found in season 2 of Stranger Things. In case you haven’t finished your Netflix binging on this amazing show, this season introduced us to a new character… and he is as vile as he is fine. Ugh, I hate it when that happens. The character, Max’s brother, is a racist bully… performed by actor Dacre Montgomery who was also Jason in this year’s Power Rangers reboot. And if we were to give Dacre a good ole fashioned haircut and dye his tresses darker brown… I think we’d have Zac Efron’s identical twin. I believe that this time, the internet is actually right. Besides, they’ve got the same brand of charisma going for them. Among other actors that Dacre is being compared to are… Robvert Downey Jr. and human shrek. I’m assuming it’s the jaw line. Now, what do you guys think? Doppelgangers OR is Zac Efron actually in Stranger Things wearing a headful of weave? Comment below then hit me up on social media because without your tweets and Instagram comments I have nothing to read when I’m in the bathroom. I need you. I’m Miriam Isa and see you guys soon!

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