Channing Tatum, Pink, & Kimmel Tell Their Kids They Ate ALL Their Halloween Candy

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Talk show Host Jimmy Kimmel has become famous for some of his great bits, where he talks to strangers on the street, sends his buddy guillermo to check out all sorts of experiences. And of course, his famous halloween stunt, where every year he asks parents to lie to their kids and film it for us all to enjoy.

This year was especially great, because we got to see 3 celebrities try to lie to their kids, and each reaction is so great. First up is the guest host for the evening Channing Tatum, who told his daughter Everly he ate all her candy, what happens next is gold:

aww poor everly gets so upset she goes to her mom for some cuddles. After the prank Channing looked into the camera and apologised to his daughter saying “that was not funny at all and i hope you can forgive me someday for that”. Poor guy has a heart of gold.

Next up is Pink! Now her daughter Willow’s reaction to the news was surprising. She straight up called her parents with a completely scary straight face and says “give me my candy” take a look.
it’s pretty clear that Willow isn’t buying it, and Pink defended her! Saying “she knows what’s going on you don’t feel bad for her, she’s fine!”

Celebrities kids 1, Celebrities 1. Maybe Jimmy can tie break the tie. The master of pranks himself decided to unleash this web of lies on his own daughter. After several moments of trying to put the puzzle together, Jimmy’s daughter slowly gets more and more frustrated when she realizes what her parents of done, and then, she kind of just gets over it when the waffles are ready.

Well i think it’s safe to say that kids definitely won this round. Or maybe they just love their parents more than their parents love them… is that fair to say? What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on halloween?One time i got lost. Let me know yours in the comment section down below, and when you’re done with that. Be sure to click right here to see the best celebrity halloween costumes of 2017. I’m Tom Plumley, thanks for watching clevver news. I’ll see you next time.

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