Kendall Jenner & Kourtney Kardshian SPILL Their Darkest Secrets To Ellen

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That’s right! Kendall and Kourt dished about everything from their first celeb crushes to the sexiest thing a guy can wear, and their answers were pretty on point!

At first, the two were asked about their first EVER celeb crush, and Kendall hit us with an answer that nobody was expecting… Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez from The Sandlot! What a throwback! Kourtney shared a more obvious answer, though, saying she crushed so hard on Leonardo DiCaprio that she even wrote “Kourtney DiCaprio” on all of her papers at school. But let’s be real… who didn’t have a huge crush on Leo? I mean… right?

They also revealed what they think is the sexiest thing a guy can wear, and we’ve got to say, we TOTALLY agree.

But, things got super scandalous when they each dished on a secret that they kept from their parents in high school.

Uh, yeah… we must’ve missed that on Keeping Up With The Kardashians! Anyway, do you want to know Kourtney’s shocking secret? She stole the family car and would drive around the block without her parent’s permission. What a rebel!

That wasn’t all, though! The ladies were asked which of their siblings they would and wouldn’t be able to drive cross-country with, and even though both of them agreed that they could totally do it with Khloe by their side, they unfortunately couldn’t say the same for Kylie. Sorry Kylie, but apparently BOTH of your sisters agree that you’re just too much of a diva! Ouch.

Kendall and Kourtney dished on much, much more, sharing their phobias, their dream place to live, and their own personal favorite body parts. After 10 seasons of their reality show, you’d think we’d know everything there is to know about these girls, but alas, they still shock and surprise us every single day!

So what do you guys think of Kendall and Kourtney’s responses? Would you respond the same way? Let us know in the comments section below, and then click to the left to see Kendall and Kourt deny pregnancy rumors! Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you next time!

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