President Trump’s Twitter Account DEACTIVATED & Here’s Why

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For a brief time yesterday (11 minutes to be exact) at around 6:45 eastern time, visitors to the Presidents infamous twitter page were met with the message that read: Sorry that page doesn’t exist. And then the twitterverse proceeded to full explode. How in the world does one of the most popular twitter pages in the world (headed up by the leader of the United States) just casually get deleted for 11 solid minutes. I know it sounds crazy, but in this digital day and age, this is actually a pretty big deal. Flash-forward to around 8:05 PM though and the Trumpster was back up and running. So what’s the story here? Well according to a statement from Twitter QUOTE “the account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee.” Okay, hold up, what does that even mean?
Translation – a super ballsy customer service employee decided to go out in a big way – apparently it was this employee’s last day and the person posted a shut down of the president’s account as a fond farewell. Like, WHAT?!?! This is wild! Twitter says it’s launching a QUOTE “full internal review.” WOW.
And as you’d imagine, twitter was freaking the freak out on both sides of the camp, with people like Chrissie Teigen hailing the former Twitter employee as a hero. The celeb posted: This person is dope. Please name him.
Other tweets included the following – like this one from Kumail Nan-ji-ani posted: Not all heroes wear capes.
On the flip side of things, Trump posted “My Twitter account was taken down for 11 minutes by a rogue employee. I guess the word must finally be getting out-and having an impact.”
And not to freak you guys out but, Business Insider’s Alexei Oreskovic called the outgoing Twitter employee’s move a “glaring security issue,” saying the employee seemed to have full access to Trump’s account and in theory could have tweeted a declaration of war against North Korea from an account the White House maintains is an official channel of the president.

Um, yikes. Again, isn’t it sort of weird, yet also sort of awesome that twitter is such a powerful platform. Cool and scary. So guys, are you still sitting here like (SHOCK FACE) – like that – over the fact that Trump’s twitter was straight up shut down for 11 minutes? Hit us up in the comments and then let me know if you’re liking these more newsy stories we’ve been trying out. Then click here to get more info on the big change coming to Twitter. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis thanks for hanging have a great weekend!

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